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Hi, my name is Marckus I am the owner of

There are many of our customers asking the question what is True Witchcraft, and is it just a company that sells witchcraft supplies. The simple and more direct answer to that question is no.

True Witchcraft is a nature driven belief system, and the main difference between True Witchcraft and any other branch of Witchcraft is that it is non religious, we do not worship or honour a God or Goddess and there is no leader or high priest of a coven, True Witchcraft is a calling like any other belief system and it is a way of life  for both men and women alike, it is not however for everyone as taking this path will awaken your darker side, in True Witchcraft there are no rituals, rites of passage or initiations to prove you are worthy, all are welcome so long as you follow the rules of nature and understand the true meaning of being a witch.

To be clear True Witchcraft has absolutely nothing at all to do with the devil or any satanic form of worship, although True Witches are known to use what some consider to be black magic, this is because we use blood and animal remains in some of our spell work like a hex bag or a curse, but this doesn’t make it black magic just leaning towards the darker side of the craft. As you already know everything in nature is totally recycled and nothing ever goes to waste, and as a True Witch we follow the same natural path and we do the same, if we happen to come upon a dead animal we will use what is required for any particular spell and then respectfully thank the earth and bury the remains.

To us all life is both sacred and equal to our own and that nobody or any life form is either above or below us, (hence the saying as above so below) True Witchcraft is not a Wicca or Pagan how to guide. Like most witches we generally work alone or as and when needed we will work as a coven.

Other witches from different sects believe in white or black magic, as True Witches we do not, all natural magic comes from the will of the witch and your intent, so if you wish to take revenge on someone who has wronged you then you take revenge, if you wish to heal someone who is ill then you do so. We also understand the meaning of light and dark and know that it resides within and surrounds us at all times and have learned that balance in our lives is the key to our success.

For us balance is the most important part of witchcraft, if we use magic this means we generally want something, an end result, so if we take (use magic) to keep the balance we must also give back (return to the earth). Depending on the spell work that you do, you need to give back in equal proportion to what you take, the energy that magic uses is drawn from all living life force energy, how you decide to give that back is up to you, you could plant a tree or bush, re home a dog or just feed the birds (although you should be doing this anyway).

True Witchcraft is not new or even unique it is just a more natural way for witches who enjoys the way of the craft but without the pomp of ceremonies, witches who just want to do the work without being ruled by sabbats or being held back by full moons, those who are willing to better themselves in mind, body and spirit, those who have learned all there is to learn and are now seeking for the unknown.

Now I know that there are many people that will agree with me on what I have said and I also know that there will be many that will disagree. There is however a lot more to True Witchcraft than what I have very briefly outlined and I hope as time allows I will add to my blog page at so if you would like to comment on any of my posts please feel free to do so,  in the mean time and with the greatest of respect to all, it is best left that if you the reader who does believe in a God / Goddess with your own religious beliefs rights and ceremonies then we humbly honour and respect your decision and ask only in return that you show the same kindness and respect towards us and our beliefs.



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