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We have a very wide variety of Satya incense sticks, each box contains between 10-12 individual incense sticks with there own unique and distinct aroma, meeting your own personal moods, all of them are hand made by artisans in India using only the highest quality ingredients.


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Aaruda Incense     Ayurveda Incense     Celestrial Incense     Champa Incense

Cinnomon Incense     Citronella Incense     Dragons Blood Incense     Fragrant Myrhh Incense

Frankincense Incense     Jasmine Incense     Karma Incense     Lavender Incense

Lemon Grass     Meditation Incense     Musk Incense     Myrrh Incense

Nag Champa Incense     Namaste Incense     Oodh Incense     Opium Incense

Palo Santo Incense     Patchouli Incense     Positive Vibes Incense     Pyramids Incense

Reki Incense     Rose Incense     Rosemary Incense     Sacred Lama Incense

   Sandlewood Incense     Spiritual Healing Incense     Tulsi Incense     Vanilla Incense   

   White Sage Incense     Back Flow Cones   


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